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We are leading manufacturer and exporter of

vegetable oil refinery plant from india

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of vegetable oil refinery plant such as (Batch Type Refinery, Continuos Bleaching, Physical Refining / Deodorization, Dewaxing / Winterization, Dry Fractionation, Solvent Extraction Plant, Oil Extraction Machinery )

Manufacturing Facilities
We have a world class Production Facilities:
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Goyum Screw Press is committed to follow the laid-down norms for quality management systems as per the international standards.

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News & Events
  • We had a Succesfull Exhibition at Cameroon held on 5-8 April, 2013
  • Our Latest Installed 100 TPD Palm Oil Refinery Plant at Malaysia
  • We had a Succesfull Exhibition at Cameroon held on 5-8 April, 2013
  Our Products
  • Batch Type Refinery
  • Continuos Bleaching
  • Physical Refining / Deodorization
  • Dewaxing / Winterization
  • Dry Fractionation
  • Solvent Extraction Plant
  • Oil Extraction Machinery
Batch Type Refinery

Washed oil contains traces of soap, iron and a small amount of PHOSPHOLIPIDS and CAROTENES, These contaminantes are undesirable and required to be removed in Bleaching Operation, Goyum specially designed STEAM AGITATED bleachersis based on separate OIL and EARTH mixing DEVICE with MECHANICAL MIXER (this arrangement ensures no carryover of bleaching earth into vacuum system), with an extra facility to add any other chemical. regent main bleaching vessel and Hermetic filters. Our bleaching plants requires less maintenance and provides effective bleaching operations.

Continuons Bleaching

The principal behind continous bleaching is use covered proportion of muishine, bleaching days under steadily maintained process parameters like temp., vaccum & oilflow, & reach on time. Once the parameters set down, the plant runs for a continous & consistent quality products. Pressure Seat filteration system are ideal for solid – liquid quantity of separation & Work on principle of pre- coating of filter and owr seats. Initially the filter aid starts forming a pre-coat layer on both side of filter leaves, until the cloudy materials comes out of the filter.

Physical Refining/Deodorization

It is a process used for removal of free fatty acid De- Acidificationodoriferous impurities by heating the oil under high vacuum using sparging steam. Due to this, low boiling component get distilled off under this condition and low FFA oil is obtained. Strategically Designed, combination of tower and fatly add scrubber, ensures practically no carry over of fatty acids into vacuum system.Goyum Works also have economically designed Deodorizer and Physical Refining Plant for different Oil and lower capacities.

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