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Physical Refining/Deodorization

It is a process used for removal of free fatty acid De- Acidificationodoriferous impurities by heating the oil under high vacuum using sparging steam. Due to this, low boiling component get distilled off under this condition and low FFA oil is obtained. Strategically Designed, combination of tower and fatly add scrubber, ensures practically no carry over of fatty acids into vacuum system.Goyum Works also have economically designed Deodorizer and Physical Refining Plant for different Oil and lower capacities. Physical Refining process is used to remove Free Fatty Acid, using Steam Distillation method at high temperature very high vacuum.
Deodorization process is used to remove unacceptable odour by Steam Distillation, the Odoriferous Compound are distilled out with the help of live injected steam into heated oil under high vacuum.

GOYUM Deodorizing Tower has several features:

  • Maximum heat recovery.
  • Zero percentage contamination.
  • No Trans-isomer generation.
  • Quick & Maximum flexibility in feed material.
  • Large surface area exposure to vacuum.
  • Minimum carry over of oil with fatty acids.
  • Low steam consumption.
  • Suitable temperature for addition of antioxidant.
  • No fouling material inside the tower.
  • No short circuit of oil in process.
  • Practically – No Maintenance.