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Mission Vision & Core Ideology

Goyum Screw Press is committed to provide reliable, innovative and to-the-point solutions to the clients that in turn ensures complete customer satisfaction, an invaluable reward for a business entity.
“Become an internationally reputed company with capabilities to undertake complete turnkey projects of magnitude comparable to complete new oil mills”
Core Ideology
The company since its inception includes a deep respect for the individual, a dedication to affordable quality and reliability, a commitment to community responsibility, and a view that the company exists to make technical contributions for the advancement and welfare of humanity.We believe that a customer is an asset. Customers are our best product managers, our best evangelists, and perhaps the only people in the world who will tell us the truth about our company and our products. We help our customers by involving with them in a positive, passionate, way about our business and talk with them and treat them as equal partners.
We believe that at the end of the day, every company lives and dies by how well it serve, supports, and interacts with its customers. Every customer experience is put on the global scale of “success” or “failure”.
We are doing everything we can, not only to reduce the number of negative experiences with Goyum Screw Press, but to create a positive environment.