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Dry Fractionation

Goyum Works dry fractionation process is designed to separate palm oil into two fractions, Olein and Stearin, without the addition of chemicals or solvents. Same plant can be used for producing super olein and palm mid fraction of varying cloud point and melting point.
The Process follows:
  • Preheating the feed stock upto the temp. makes all the mass homogeneous and complete liquid.
  • Crystallisation under preset controlled conditions of temperature & agitation to form stable, uniform sized filterable crystals.
  • Filteration overmembrane/ rotary drum vaccume/plates & frames filtes to separate out the liquors & solid crystals..
Main Features & Advantages of DRY FRACTIONATION:
  • Combines all operations, and monitors from a fully automated centralized control station.
  • Easy to operate, requires minimum supervision.
  • Good flexibility. Wide range of process applications possible.
  • Feedstock can be crude, semi refined or fully refined palm oil.
  • Suitable for both single or double fractionation.
  • Minimum operating costs.
  • - Low utility consumption
  • - Low maintenance costs.
  • - No oil losses
  • - No pollution problem
  • Product quality
  • - Good crystallization repeatability, yielding consistent product quality.
  • - High olein yields.
  • - Low olein cloud point, with improved cold stability time