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Continuous Bleaching

The principal behind continous bleaching is use covered proportion of muishine, bleaching days under steadily maintained process parameters like temp., vaccum & oilflow, & reach on time. Once the parameters set down, the plant runs for a continous & consistent quality products. Pressure Seat filteration system are ideal for solid – liquid quantity of separation & Work on principle of pre- coating of filter and owr seats. Initially the filter aid starts forming a pre-coat layer on both side of filter leaves, until the cloudy materials comes out of the filter. Once the layer is formed, the pressure starts developing, restricting the impurities. Clear liquid flows form both sides into the leaves, flows along the regular channel & gets discharged from. The leaves start getting choked on both the sides by impurities forming cake, which is in wet form. Once the leaves get choked completely, the pressure rises to 3-4 kg/cm2 & the output flow almost stops. Now the left filter an sleamed to squeeze oil the retained in spent earth . The de-oiled & dm earth in thrown out automatically & making the filter ready for faster use.